Fellowship of the Society for Cardiac Catheterisation And Angiography (FSCAI)


Dr. Asit Khannahas been awarded the prestigious fellowship of the FSCAI at their annual convention in Chicago.

Patient Education - Featured Yoga asanas and Pranayam could be sometimes restricted in heart disease

Mostly we also know yoga asanas which are good for heart. Unfortunately, Yoga is not the "cure all" and it has its limitations too. The following is a question that cardiologists are being asked more and more commonly nowadays. This important information should be known to all those heart patients who practice yoga.

Health News & Events

  • Dr. Asit Khanna have been awarded 'Icons of Health' award 2019 by Times of India amongst top doctors of Meerut & western UP by Honorable MP of Meerut Shri Rajendra Agarwal.
  • Clinic will remain closed from 16th-22nd March (Saturday till next Friday).
  • Dr. Asit Khanna's article published in Women's Era magazine on occassion of World Women's Day recently.

Anjali Bose Heart Problem

I have never been treated better. Everyone is professional, but the human caring is always there.

Ashok Bhasin Heart Problem

I would recommend Dr. Khanna to anyone. He really helped me get down to the root of the problem. He helped me to get some of my life back.