Patient Education

The aim of patient education is for people to improve their knowledge, skills and confidence, enabling them to take increasing control of their own condition and integrate effective self-management into their daily lives. High-quality structured education can have a profound effect on health outcomes and can significantly improve quality of life.

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World No Tobacco Day

Tobacco is extremely addictive and injurious to health. In majority of cases, it has been a direct precedent to cancer. It also leads to major heart and lung diseases. This World No Tobacco Day, say no to tobacco. For further information about chest and heart related issues, kindly contact us.

Novel Corornavirus (COVID-19) Care Tips

Here are some tips to manage mild Covid-19 at home. Make sure to manage your blood pressure correctly and follow other guidelines. For more info about Covid-19 and other chest and heart related issues you can contact us.

Novel Corornavirus (COVID-19) Symptoms

Covid-19 has a wide variety of symptoms. Find out more about them here. For more info about Covid-19 and other chest and heart related issues you can contact us.

Novel Corornavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Guidelines on use of masks by public for Novel Corornavirus Disease (COVID-19). (Click Read More.. to view  Pdf.)

Myths Busters on Novel Corornavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Mtyh : Holding your breath for 10 seconds or more without feeling discomfort means you are free from COVID-19.
Fact : The best & only way to confirm is via a LAB Test on observing respiratory symptoms & fever. You cannot confirm it with breathing excercise, which can be very dangerous.

Myth : You cannot catch Covid-19 if you are exposed to sun or temperature higher than 25 degree?
Fact : Countries with higher temperature have also reported Covid-19 cases. High temperature DOES NOT prevent from Covid-19.

Myth : Does drinking alcohol protect against COVID-19?
Fact : Drinking alcohol DOES NOT protect against COVID-19. Frequent or excessive alcohol consumption can increase the risk of health problems.

Myth : Are hair dryers effective in killing the new coronavirus?
Fact : No, hand dryers are not effective in killing the new coronavirus. To protect yourself, you should frequently clean your hands with an alcohol based hand rub or clean them with soap & water. Once cleaned dry them throughly with a towel.

Myth : The new coronavirus can be transmitted through mosquito bites?
Fact : It cannot be transmitted through mosquito. There is no evidence or information to suggest it. It is a respiratory virus which is spread through droplets of infected person.

Myth : Does catching the new coronavirus disease mean having it for a lifetime?
Fact : Most of the people who catch COVID-19 can recover & eliminate the virus from their bodies. If you catch the disease, make sure you receive early Medical care.

Ensuring Mental Health of Elderly During COVID-19

: Spend quality time with family and get involved in family discussions.

: Involve in daily activities like gardening, cleaning & cooking to help reduce anxiety.

: Spend time on recreational ativities such as board games, music, reading etc.

: Connect to loved ones throgh phone calls/video calls to keep the stress at bay.

: Make sometime for excercise, yoga to boost physical & mental health.

: Cut down on listening to News, seek information from credible source like the Health Ministry website.


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