Publications & Presentations

Clinical Publications

1. Contributor in Consensus statement for management of Dyslipidemia in Indian Population, Lipid Association Of India Meeting, Part 2, May 2016 2. Contributor in Indian Guidelines On Hypertension 111, J Clin Prev Cardiol, 2013:2(3):128-61, Vol 2, Jul 2013, Hypertension Society Of India.
3. Nath G, Khanna A, Singh VP, Sundar S, Rai M, Spectrum Of Infections In Leukemia: A Tertiary Hospital Report: Ind J Prev Soc Med 2003; 34(1&2):1-7.(Indexed in Ind Med)
4. VP Singh, A Khanna et al. Non Hodgkins Lymphoma with Pure Red Cell Aplasia: J Assoc Physicians India 49, 1123-1124,11,2001.
1. DES versus BMS in Diabetic Patients undergoing Elective PCL. S. Tyagi, V Trehan, S Mukhopadhyay, Asit Khanna et al. Indian Heart J 2005; 57,442.
2. Non-Surgical Management of C Tamponade caused by Temp. Pacemaker Lead V Trehan, V Mehta, Asit Khanna et al. Indian Heart J 2005; 57:476
3. Acquired Gerbode defect - Successful Device Closure V Trehan, S Ramakrishnan, Asit Khanna et al. Indian Heart J 2005; 57:476
4. Transcatheter Closure of ASD with Amplatzer Septal Occluder; Follow-up Results S. Tyagi, V Trehan, Asit Khanna et al. Indian Heart J 2005; 57:483
5. Duct Occluder - Deployment difficulty due to Inadequate Shape Memory V Trehan, A Nigam, Asit Khanna et al. Indian Heart J 2005, 483
6. Transcatheter Closure of PmVSD by Amplatzer Devices: Follow-up Results V Trehan, S Mukhopadhyay, Asit Khanna et al. Indian Heart J 2005, 57:485
7. Impaired Long Axia dynamics of LV in HCM: Relationship with WT & LVOT Gradient V Mehta, Asit Khanna et al. Indian Heart J 2005, 57:520
8. Mitral L Wave in Pts with HCMP: Marker of Advanced Diastoloc Sysfunction V Mehta, M Sharma, Asit Khanna et al. Indian Heart J 2005, 57:532
9. N Acetyl Cysterine and Contrast induced Nephropathy in diabetic angioplasty pts. KD singh, R Gupta, Asit Khanna et al. Indian Heart J 2006, 58:419
10. Evaluation of 2nd gen. DES with reservoir based bioresorbable polymer S Tyagi, N Mhamri, Asit Khanna et al. Indian Heart J 2006, 58:42

Paper Presentations

1. Case presentation and faculty at INDIALIVE 2015
2. Case presentation and faculty at NIC Conference 2015
3. CSI 2005 : Mitral L wave in pts. with HOCM : a marker of advanced diastolic dysfunction (free paper )
4. CSI 2006 : Percutaneous closure of RSOV ; GB Pant experience (free paper)
5. CSI 2006 : Evaluation of 2nd generation drug eluting stents with reservoir based bioresorbable polymer.

Lectures/Presentations Given

•  Faculty at local seminars and conferences like IMA(Ghaziabad). IMA(West Ghaziabad)(2018, 2020), IMA(Meerut), IMA(Muzzafarnagar), IMA(Kanpur), IMA (Varanasi,) EDPA (East Delhi Physicians Association), API(Ghaziabad), API (Meerut), API(Delhi), API (Agra), Association Of Family Physicians(Ghaziabad), HT Therapeutics Conclave (Mumbai,2017), NIMA (National Indian Medical Association), CSI (Cardiological Society Of India Delhi Branch), Endocrine Society Of India, INASL, Transradial Interventions (TRICO Ahmedabad).
•  Faculty in national conferences like 2nd American College Of Physicians (Delhi chapter, August 2017), CSI India, NIC, ICC, IIC(2014), APVIC(2017), UPDACON(2016), INDIA LIVE in India(2016,2020), EIICON, Kolkata 2021 and in Nepal.
•  Faculty in international Conferences on interventional Cardiology like ACC, ESC, TCT(USA 2011, 2014, 2016), TCT-ASIA PACIFIC (S.Korea 2011), Euro PCR (Spain 2009 & France 2012), HEART FAILURE CONGRESS (Portugal, Spain, Greece),APVIC (Delhi), SINGAPORE LIVE (Singapore), Thailand, Malayasia 2001, Dubai, Vietnam, Australia, Macau, China, Italy, Kazakhstan and several hands-on workshops on complex angioplasty, Rotablation, IVUS, OCT and pacemaker/device clinics.
•  Trained hands-on with stalwarts of Interventional Cardiology like Dr. Antonio Colombo in his Cath Lab at Milan, Italy(2014) and in Cath labs of Tokyo, Japan(2008).
•  Founder of the Ghaziabad Cardiology Forum, a speciality group of Cardiologists of Ghaziabad since 2015.
•  International speaker and mentor for Astra Zeneca, Abbot, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cipla, Pfizer, Sanofi, Zydus, Sun/Ranbaxy, Glaxo Smithkline, Novo Nordisk, Lupin, Merck/MSD, Novartis & Intas pharmaceuticals.
•  Completed certificate course on Diabetes management organized by Cardiff University and North Delhi Diabetes Centre 2017.
•  Completed certification course on Cardiovascular Intravascular imaging and Physiology (OCT and IVUS) by Imaging and Physiology Council Of India(SCIP) 2017, Chennai.
•  Completed certification course in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation by ICCPR(International Council Of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation), 2019.
•  Completed 4 certification courses in diagnosis, prevention and management of Corona Infection. 2 from WHO, 1 from Govt of Gujarat, 1 from MOHFW, 2020.
•  Completed Certification course on CVD management and Covid 19 by Indian Society Of Hypertension (ISH), 2019.
•  Completed IMPELLA training from Abiomed Academy. Certified for Impella implantation and management, 2021.

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Qualifications & Awards

Joined MBBS at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi in 1992 and went on to complete MD in Medicine, with honours, from the same esteemed university (BHU) in 2000.

Work Experience

Having worked for more than 6 years in Cardiology at G.B.Pant hospital, Delhi, has given me extensive exposure in every kind of interventional procedure...

Publications & Presentations

Spectrum Of Infections In Leukemia Cases: A Tertiary Hospital Report. Gopal Nath, Asit Khanna, VP Singh, Shyam Sundar, M Rai; Ind J Prev Soc Med Vol 34;No.1&2: 2003.